Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment

Providing Z+ category protection from diseases

“Wellness is divine”

Highlights of Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment:

  1. Treatment available for all types of diseases.
  2. No medication required, neither internally nor externally.
  3. No hospitalization required.
  4. No age/gender bar.
  5. Treatment can be done without the physical appearance of the patient.
  6. No distance bar. Treatment can be extended anywhere in the world including people in satellites/space stations.
  7. Treatment can be done even at critical condition of the patient.
  8. No side effects. Zero partial effects.
  9. Treatment available for hereditary diseases.
  10. Treatment available for mental diseases.
  11. Protection from diseases can be availed.
  12. Curing treatment and protection from over-radiation.
  13. Instant cure for injuries. Advance protection from injuries.
  14. Emergency treatment can be done to patients battling for life on medical ventilators due to single or multiple organ failure.
  15. Emergency treatment available for sportspersons.
  16. Emergency treatment available for injured soldiers.
  17. Emergency treatment available for preventing people from drowning.
  18. Advance protection from nuclear, chemical and bio weapon attack.

What is Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment?

Yogic treatment was an advanced treatment system, believed to have had existed in southern part of India about 6000 years ago, beyond the Vedic Age. It was predominantly practiced and used by the learned sages and their families. They acquired immense power from The Holy Nature to abolish life-threatening diseases. It is a healing system, using a high concentration of mental power that is capable to terminate the defected cells in human body, and helps the body to rebuild with fresh defect-less cells within a short span of time. With the help of this treatment, the body regains the strength and it also helps to invoke the internal inner energy which is the core fundamental principle of this treatment system. This treatment system, therefore, can cure any fatal incurable disease within a short span of time, saving the patient even from critical condition.

Human body is made up of five elements of the Nature and it is a cluster of billions of cells. Each cell is again a cluster of billions of atoms. Each atom has a unique role to perform individually and collectively. According to Yogic treatment, the lifespan of each atom is just 29 days and the replacement is made automatically with a fresh one that has the ability to perform the assigned task. In a sick or unhealthy person, this replacement process is partly or completely blocked in the affected part of the body. The body of the sick person loses the ability to replace the automatically terminated atom with a fresh one. Body organs slowly start getting defunct if proper treatments are not given. Yogic treatment system addresses this core activity of the body. The disease is therefore uprooted in this treatment system and the patient is relieved 100% from the disease.

Yogic treatment is capable to treat and cure illness of the entire body organs physically, mentally and intellectually. It diffuses diseases, imbalances and brings back the patient to lead a normal life. That is why Yogic treatment is called Yogic Wellness treatment because we believe wellness is divine.

On account of rigorous practices through transcendental meditation, Acharai Shri Barat Venkit, by the grace of The Holy Nature acquired the skill of curing diseases that are being faced by the mankind today. This ancient scientific yogic treatment system is brought to you by M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for the betterment and well-being of mankind.

(By the grace of The Holy Almighty Nature, Acharai Shri Barat Venkit – scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Yogic Science)

Schemes of Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment:

  1. Yogic treatment for curing diseases
  2. Protection from diseases
  3. Special scheme to become disease-free
  4. Emergency treatment for patients on medical ventilators
  5. Instant cure for injuries
  6. Advance protection from injuries
  7. Emergency treatment and Advance protection for sportspersons
  8. Emergency treatment and Advance protection for soldiers
  9. Drowning death
  10. Advance protection to prevent from drowning
  11. Advance protection from nuclear weapon attack
  12. Advance protection from chemical weapon attack
  13. Advance protection from bio weapon attack
  14. Disaster Management
  15. Advance protection for Disaster Management
  16. Total protection

Cases on which the treatment cannot be done:

Treatment cannot be done to the following people:

  1. People who have crossed the age of 100 years.
  2. Treatment cannot be done on transplanted organs.
  3. Treatment will not be done to any individual belonging to extreme, terrorist or radical groups.
  4. Treatment will not be done to soldiers of nations not recognized by UN.
  5. Treatment cannot be done to persons already dead.
  6. Treatment cannot be done to any body part detached from the main body either by accident or by surgery.
  7. Treatments can be done on patients who have undergone surgery for curing the disease. Complete eradication of the disease in such cases may not be possible. However, patient will get substantial relief.
  8. People exposed to over-radiation cannot be treated.
  9. Treatment cannot be done without full payment remittance.
  10. Treatment will not be done to civilians forwarding the application form without the recommendation from the respective govt officer in the case of injuries.
  11. Treatment cannot be done on any rejected applications by the Acharai.

List of diseases covered under Yogic treatment:

For details regarding the list of diseases covered in Yogic treatment, treatment cost and cost for protection from diseases click here.

*Substantial amount for availing Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment will be spent on afforestation and Nature cleaning activities.

How to apply for Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment

Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment is the most simple, fastest, most effective, most safest, most economical and the most convenient treatment system in the world to make a person disease-free.

  • Just fill the corresponding application form and submit online.
  • Remember to fill all the fields correctly. Double check email id field as this email id will be used for all future communication. It may be noted that there is no provision for changing this email id later.
  • Refer the chart containing the list of diseases covered under Yogic treatment and cost.
  • Persons crossing the age of 100 years are not qualified for Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment.
  • Application processing fee is INR 100/-
  • QR scan code is provided for payment remittance. Alternatively you can deposit the amount directly to our bank account. Do not forget to save the payment confirmation screenshot.
  • Mention the payment confirmation details in the application form and click Submit button. “Your application has been submitted” message will be displayed on the screen. Your role in availing Yogic treatment is complete with the successful submission of the application.
  • It may be noted that there is no provision for making any correction once the application is submitted.
  • Incomplete/inaccurate/irrelevant applications will be rejected though you have remitted the required payment. This message will be communicated to you via email. You can re-submit a fresh application with correct and complete details. You are required to remit extra application processing fee of INR 100/- towards this, as you have already remitted the treatment cost. Details of this payment must be furnished along with the earlier payment remittance details in the fresh application form.
  • Execution procedure of Yogic Wellness treatment after application submission varies from scheme to scheme.

Our commitment to The Holy Nature:

Yogic wellness treatment is done using the energy of The Holy Almighty Nature for the well-being of people who follow an eco-friendly life. M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises is therefore committed in spending substantial amount collected from Yogic treatment towards afforestation and Nature-cleaning activities, ensuring to control ever-increasing pollution.