Chemical weapon attack

Chemical weapons are made of dangerous chemical agents that are used mainly in war. Their toxic effects on enemies will inflict damage when inhaled, absorbed through skin or ingested through food or drinks.

The victims will have eye irritation, visual changes, vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, breathing difficulties, muscle weakness, paralysis, seizers, skin burns, collapse, loss of consciousness or even instant death. Spreading of life-threatening chemical gas is also possible is other ways. It need not be chemical weapon attack. Gas leak from chemical factories are almost similar to chemical weapon attack.

There is no practical protection available to defend against chemical weapons effectively. It is learned that many countries have stock piles of large quantities of chemical weapons. Soldiers, people residing near by of battle field, workers of chemical factories, people residing atleast within a radius of 10 km of chemical factories are the probable immediate victims of chemical tragedy.


Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment can effectively contain such poisonous attack of chemical weapons. Since the effect of poisonous chemical weapons is instant and sudden, we will have hardly any time to comply formalities for commencing the treatment. We therefore decided to have only advance protection scheme against chemical weapon attack.

Scheme details of Advance protection from chemical weapon attack:

  1. It is an advance protection scheme for a period of 1 year, protecting you from all types of chemical weapon attack.
  2. The applicant can select any no. of years for which they wish to avail advance prevention from chemical weapon attack, upto a maximum of 8 years subject to upto 100 years of the age of the applicant.
  3. The scheme will ensure that the person is under the protection cover throughout the subscription period.
  4. The scheme can be subscribed either individually or collectively.
  5. Application can be submitted by anybody and from any part of the world.
  6. INR 9 lakhs i.e., 9,00,000 per year per individual is the subscription fee for Advance protection from chemical weapon attack.
  7. Application processing fee is INR 100/-
  8. This cost is inclusive of all charges irrespective of age, gender and nationality of the individuals.
  9. In case of group application:
    • No. of years for which you wish to avail the protection will be the same for all the applicants in that group. Any no. of people can be accommodated in group application.
    • Only one contact email id is permitted.
    • The entire group’s details as per the required specifications to be clubbed and submitted in a single application form.
    • Collective acknowledgement after the treatment for all the applicants in the group will be sent only to one email id specified.
  10. Treatment will be executed anytime within 50 hours of submission of the respective application form and complete payment remittance, subject to successful verification of the application. You will be informed by return email about the treatment completion.
  11. This scheme is not applicable to cases of instant death.

Click here for the application form for availing Advance protection from chemical weapon attack