Protection from diseases

The famous proverb of “Prevention is better than cure” is 100% meaningful in all walks of life. It is wiser to prevent a disease if possible than to cure it after getting affected. Many of the dangerous diseases are silent killers as they manage to survive in the body without showing any external symptoms for even many years. They are getting fully equipped during their dormant period before waging war on the body.

The scheme “Protection from diseases” has been introduced with the intention of saving precious lives of human beings from such dangerous diseases. Protection from diseases will act like a bullet-proof jacket, protecting you from the selected diseases for the period selected by you (protection period). Protection from diseases gives a complete tension-free life to you and to your loved ones.

Scheme details:

  • You can select any/all the diseases from the list and avail protection.
  • You need to submit individual application form for each disease. Rest of the procedures are same as that of Yogic treatment for curing diseases.
  • Minimum protection period is 1 year and maximum is 8 years subject to upto 100 years of the age of the applicant.
  • It is to be noted that this scheme is meant for prevention from diseases in advance.
  • In case you are already suffering from a disease, you must first apply for Yogic treatment for curing the disease and once the treatment is done, thereafter apply for protection from diseases for whatever period you wish to.
  • Cost of protection per disease per year is as mentioned in the chart.
  • Click here for the list of diseases for which protection is available.
  • If you wish to avail protection from ALL existing and future diseases, then click here. Cost for this special scheme is INR 25,06,000/- per year per individual.

Application form for availing Protection from diseases

This application form is meant for people who are presently NOT affected with the disease but want protection from the disease.

Note: Individual application for each disease. Refer listed diseases given in the chart

Click here for the application form for availing Protection from diseases

Special scheme to cure all existing diseases in the body and avail protection from ALL diseases (including existing and future diseases)