Emergency treatment

Emergency treatment is a treatment of a case involving sudden and unexpected onset of a critical condition requiring immediate medical care. However, in many situations, bringing the patient for medical care may not be possible in time or even if the medical care is given, the patient is unable to respond positively to the available medical treatments.

Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment resolves all such issues. It is done in lightning speed; it is done at the patient’s location; it is done without the help of any apparatus or internal/external medicines; it can be done anywhere on the planet. Using these features and unique facilities of Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment, we can save millions of people like people admitted on ventilators, protecting people from drowning, saving injured soldiers in the war field or curing sportspersons in the very sports field etc. Hope you will find it, conceive it and implement it for saving the precious lives of you and your loved ones at the time of emergency.

  1. Emergency treatment for patients on ventilators
  2. Instant cure for injuries
  3. Emergency treatment for sportspersons
  4. Emergency treatment for soldiers
  5. Emergency treatment for prevention from drowning
  6. Disaster management
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