Nuclear weapon attack

Nuclear weapons are the bi-products of the so-called civilization of the modern world, displaying their arrogance, selfishness, ignorance and foolishness. It is to be noted that a single nuclear weapon can destroy a city and kill most of the people. The survivors will have miserable health life-long due to intense radiation. It is estimated that one nuclear bomb with a yield of 1 mega ton would destroy 130 sq. km. area. Many countries possess such dangerous nuclear weapons and they pose threat to humanity and to the entire civilization. Unfortunately, these technologies have become puppets of some of the irresponsible, selfish political leaders. They display their potential might and negotiating power with the invention of these nuclear weapons.

Today nuclear weapons can be mounted on missile carriers that can travel to every nook and corner of the world. These scientists have made human life most miserable and most uncertain. They are not fully aware of the danger in holding such destructive forces. We cannot rule out chances of self-detonation of these ready-to-blast weapons. Some mentally imbalanced intelligent hackers can also activate such weapons, hiding in some unknown part of the world. This means that we are living every second in the midst of uncertainty and in the fear of weapons of mass destruction. Human invented these weapons to kill himself and his fellowmen brutally. Is this the promising world we wish to handover to the next generation? Is this the real development and civilization? No one can predict whether they will be able to maintain these weapons, and to what extent they will misuse them!

People who have invented nuclear technology are dead and gone. Now it has reached in the hands of the third generation. There are potential chances of worry and serious concern.

Explosions in nuclear power generating stations are almost equal to or bigger than a nuclear bomb attack. Some wise countries have realized its potential risks and shut down all their nuclear power stations though it was a decision costing billions of dollars of investment. Almost all nuclear power stations are located on sea-banks. Sea or ocean, as you are aware is getting unpredictably more and more violent, thanks to the climatic changes these days. We will be lucky if another Fukushima is not repeated elsewhere, either with tsunami attack or with technological failure.

Do we require such deadly power generating stations at the cost of our lives? Lives of millions of such people are similar to the people at gun point. It is high time that general public all over the world should unanimously raise their voice so that disarmament of all nuclear weapons and all nuclear power generating stations are permanently closed.

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Scheme details of Advance protection from nuclear weapon attack:

  1. It is an advance protection scheme for a period of 1 year, protecting you from all types of nuclear weapon attack.
  2. The applicant can select any no. of years for which they wish to avail advance prevention from nuclear weapon attack, upto a maximum of 8 years and subject to upto 100 years of the age of the applicant.
  3. The scheme will ensure that the person is under the protection cover throughout the subscription period.
  4. The scheme can be subscribed either individually or collectively.
  5. Application can be submitted by anybody and from any part of the world.
  6. INR 12 lakhs i.e., INR 12,00,000 per year per individual is the subscription fee for Advance protection from nuclear weapon attack.
  7. Application processing fee is INR 100/-
  8. This cost is inclusive of all charges irrespective of age, gender and nationality of the individuals.
  9. In case of group application:
    • No. of years for which you wish to avail the protection will be the same for all the applicants in that group. Any no. of people can be accommodated in group application.
    • Only one contact email id is permitted.
    • The entire group’s details as per the required specifications to be clubbed and submitted in a single application form.
    • Collective acknowledgement after the treatment for all the applicants in the group will be sent only to one email id specified.
  10. Treatment will be executed anytime within 50 hours of submission of the respective application form and complete payment remittance, subject to successful verification of the application. You will be informed by return email about the treatment completion.
  11. This scheme is not applicable to cases of instant death.

The scheme will be beneficial for all citizens, especially for people working in nuclear power stations, people residing near to nuclear plants, other strategic locations of the country etc.

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