Advance protection from injuries

Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment for advance protection from injuries will not be extended to anyone belonging to extreme, terrorist or radical organizations. Application request submitted for such emergency treatment must be authenticated by the battalion in-charge in the case of armed forces, sports authority in the case of sportsperson, district collector in the case of civilians, GM-Admin of the farm in case of a member of self-sufficient farm village. Application submitted for treatment will be rejected inspite of complying all formalities if we suspect the genuinity of the declaration. No refund will be made if there is intentional, hidden motive, hiding the genuinity of the applicant(s). We will not encourage anyone to sabotage the law and order of the society and the law of the land at any cost.

Advance protection scheme has been introduced to avoid unnecessary tension, time taken for submitting application and payment remittance, time required for verification process and other causes delaying the treatment during the time of emergencies.

Scheme details:

  1. The scheme is given for a period of atleast 1 year.
  2. The applicant can select any no. of years for which they wish to avail advance protection from injuries, upto 8 years and subject to upto 100 years of the age of the applicant
  3. The scheme will ensure that the person is under the protection cover throughout the subscription period, protecting them to recover fast from injuries due to any accident without medication or hospitalization.
  4. The scheme covers protection from all kinds of injuries alone.
  5. In case any minor/major injury happens during the subscription period,
    • Wounds will be instantly healed with the yogic power.
    • Minor injuries will be cured instantly ensuring the person is physically fit to carry on with their duties immediately.
    • Bleeding will be arrested instantly.
    • Major injuries involving damage of vital organs will get cured gradually, within 29 days subject to complete bed rest of the injured person. Hospitalization may not be required during this period. The wound will get healed completely within 29 days. This can be re-confirmed by scanning if you wish. Body movements must be restricted to the maximum possible extent during the bed rest time. It is therefore advisable that the person is admitted in a nursing home to ensure complete bed rest. The patient can be given nutritionally rich food as prescribed by a qualified dietician. Exercise or workout during the bed rest time must be completely avoided including physiotherapy. Complete recovery will be done on the completion of 29 days and he/she can discharge their duties thereafter.
    • Hospitalization and other medication not required.
  6. Treatment cannot be done on body parts detached from the main body. However, curing may be possible if the cut off organ is stitched and properly attached to the body system in time.
  7. Treatment cannot be done on transplanted organs.
  8. This scheme is not applicable to cases of instant death.
  9. People already having injuries in the body before taking the “Advance protection from injuries” scheme will not be covered in this Advance protection scheme.
  10. The scheme can be subscribed either individually or collectively.
  11. Application can be submitted by anybody individually or collectively and from any part of the world, subject to attestation by the respective govt official of the rank not less than a district collector or equivalent. This is to ensure that no one is able to misuse Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment system. If the applicant is a member of self-sufficient farm village, then the attestation required by GM-Admin of the farm.
  12. In case of group application:
    • No. of years for which you wish to avail the protection will be the same for all the applicants in that group. Any no. of people can be accommodated in group application.
    • Only one contact email id is permitted.
    • Recommendation and attestation to be done by one authorized individual responsible for the entire group.
    • The entire group’s details as per the required specifications to be clubbed and submitted in a single application form.
    • Collective acknowledgement after the treatment for all the applicants in the group will be sent only to one email id specified.
  13. Cost of the treatment “Advance protection from injuries” is INR 15 lakhs i.e., INR 15,00,000/- per year per individual.
  14. Application processing fee is INR 100/-
  15. This cost is inclusive of all charges irrespective of age, gender and nationality of the individuals.
  16. Treatment will be executed anytime within 50 hours of submission of the application form and payment remittance, subject to successful verification of the application.

Click here for the application form for availing Advance protection from injuries for individual/group