Advance protection scheme for disaster management

Emergency management or disaster management is the managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities mitigate vulnerability to cope with the disaster. Specialty of this Disaster Management scheme of Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment is about planning in advance to cope with the disaster to save all injured persons involved in the unfortunate sudden, unexpected casualty. This is the highest possible protection cover any responsible government can offer to its citizens. The scheme gives protection to all people in the protected land area through out the subscription period in the case of any disaster. The scheme covers any selected sq. km. of land area or selected cities, selected districts or the entire nation if required. The selection of the land area is 100% left to the choice of the government/sponsors of the scheme.

Advance protection scheme details:

  1. The scheme is given for a period of atleast 1 year.
  2. The scheme can be subscribed by central govt/local governing authorities/institutions/organizations etc.
  3. The applicant can select any no. of years for which they wish to avail advance protection for the land area upto a maximum of 8 years.
  4. The protection scheme will cover all types of unexpected, sudden major accidents or natural calamities involving a minimum of 30 people and above. Hence accidents involving less than 30 people will not be covered under this scheme.
  5. The scheme covers protection from all kinds of injuries alone.
  6. In the subscribed land area for protection, if any accident/disaster like vehicle accidents, building collapses, train accidents, aircraft accidents, collapse of dams/bridges or natural calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, avalanches etc involving atleast 30 affected people occurs during the subscription period,
    • Minor/major injuries of all the affected people will be cured
    • Wounds of the injured persons will be instantly healed with the yogic power.
    • Minor injuries will be cured instantly
    • Bleeding will be arrested instantly
    • Major injuries involving damage of vital organs will get cured gradually, within 29 days subject to complete bed rest of the injured person. Hospitalization may not be required during this period. The wound will get healed completely within 29 days. This can be re-confirmed by scanning if you wish. Body movements must be restricted to the maximum possible extent during the bed rest time. It is therefore advisable that the person is admitted in a nursing home to ensure complete bed rest. The patient can be given nutritionally rich food as prescribed by a qualified dietician. Exercise or workout during the bed rest time must be completely avoided including physiotherapy. Complete recovery will be done on the completion of 29 days and he/she can discharge their duties thereafter.
    • Hospitalization and other medication not required
    • People instantly dying on the spot in the accident will not be covered in the treatment.
    • Treatment cannot be done on body parts detached from the main body. However, curing may be possible if the cut off organ is stitched and properly attached to the body system in time.
    • Treatment cannot be done on transplanted organs.
    • People already having injuries in the body before subscribing to the scheme will not be covered in the scheme.
  7. An amount of INR 40,86,000/-per sq. km. per annum is the cost of advance protection scheme for disaster management.
  8. Payment remittance:
    • Amount can be directly remitted to the bank account of M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises as given in our official website (
    • Scheme amount can be partly paid by way of registering land in the name of M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises. This is optional. Specifications of the land earmarked for compensating the treatment cost:
    • Specifications of the land earmarked for compensating the treatment cost:
      • The sale value of the land earmarked for compensating the treatment cost, planning to be registered in favour of the company should be not more than the govt declared value.
      • The land must be free from all types of attachments, liabilities and encumbrances.
      • The land should be accessible by public main road. It should be accessible by heavy motor vehicle.
      • The land should have accessibility to water source.
      • The land will be utilized for planting long-life tree saplings.
      • The land should have strong compound wall on all the boundaries with one entry gate.
      • Compound wall should be of the following specifications:
        • Foundation: A minimum of 3 ft depth in case of hard soil. Depth should be more in case of loose soil
        • Concrete pillars should be provided at every 10 ft. distance
        • Width of the foundation: Not less than 2 ft.
        • Height of the compound wall: 8 ft. from the earth level.
        • Thickness of compound wall: Not less than 10 inches.
        • Construction materials: Solid cement blocks, ceramic bricks (mud bricks baked in high flame) or rocks
        • Quality cement should be used for the construction.
        • Nails should be affixed in cement on top of the wall for safety
  9. Treatment will be executed anytime within 50 hours of submission of the application form and complete payment remittance/other procedures (in case of option 2), subject to successful verification of the application
  10. Application processing fee is INR 100/-

Click here for the application form for availing Advance protection of Disaster Management scheme